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Kantor Konsultan Pajak (called KKP) is refers to license awarded by Director of General Tax Republic Indonesia “Izin Praktek Konsultan Pajak B” allow to operate in any region in Indonesia.

Prior actively joint at GSG Global, our partner has gained extensive experiences in Leading Department Accounting, Finance, Taxation at MNC/PMA Corporation and Tax & Accounting Consultant Office, and Audit Firm (KAP)

He holds certification in CA, CPA, BKP, CPMA, CPSAK, ACPA and Licence Tax Attorney at Tax Court. Registered as professional membership at Institute Public Accountant Indonesia (IAPI), Institute Accountant Management Indonesia (IAMI), Institute Chartered Accountant Indonesia (IAI), and Association Public Tax Consultant Indonesia (AKP2I)

The combination of the skill, knowledge, experiences as manager in Corporate, Tax & Accounting Consultant Office, auditor, and accounting finance software’s systems would be a value added to help our clients.



Assisting or representing the clients in course of tax audit as refers to article 29/31 by Law General Provisions and Tax Procedures (UU KUP) comprising of among other:

a. Select the documents as request by tax auditor

b. Attend the meeting in tax audit’s process as scheduled by tax auditor

c. Reply the correspond letter / question tax auditor’s finding based on the time scheduled.

d. Attend the meeting with tax auditor’s requisition if any relate with draft Audit Tax audit’s reports (LHP) in line with regulation and tax law

e. Update the final results of tax audit reports (LHP) based on the optimal resolution comply with regulation and tax law


Eligible act as a proxy, Tax Attorney’s Licence’ assists our the clients to get a greater opportunity for Taxpayer to obtain justice in his/her objection and appeal over the tax assessment at the tax court and/or Tax Authorities comprising of among other:

a. Propose the objection over the tax assessment (SKP) to director general tax refers to article 25/26/26A by Law General Provisions and Tax Procedures (UU KUP)

b. Propose the appeal to the tax court over the dissatisfaction overruled or ruled by the Directorate General of Taxes as refers to article 27/27A by Law General Provisions and Tax Procedures (UU KUP)


Determination of transfer pricing (transfer pricing) is the determination of prices in transactions between parties that have a special relationship.

The Director General of Taxes has the authority to redefine the amount of income and deductions as well as determine debt as capital to calculate the amount of Taxable Income for Taxpayers who have special relations with other Taxpayers in accordance with Arm’s Length Principles, the fairness and customary business, that is not affected by special relationships by using the comparison method price between independent parties, the resale price method, the cost-plus method, or some other method. (Income Tax Law Article 18 paragraph 3)

Special Relationship is the relationship between a Taxpayer and another party as referred to in Article 18 paragraph (4) of the Income Tax Law or Article 2 paragraph (2) of the VAT Law.

To assist our client to filing monthly document and tax reporting to tax office agree with the compliance with the current tax regulation and law’s requirements:

a. Income tax article 21 relates payroll
b. Income tax article 25 relates with instalment corporate and Personal Income tax
c. Income tax article 23/26; 4(2) relates withholding income tax
d. Value added tax (VAT)


To assist our client to file annual tax return to tax office that comply with the current tax regulation and law’s requirements:

a. Preparing and filing annual corporate income tax return, CITR, (Form 1771) based on data supplied by clients

b. Preparing and filing annual employee income tax return, EITR annually (Form 1721) based on data supplied by clients

c. Preparing and filing annual individual income tax return, IITR (Form 1770) based on data supplied by clients


Assist our clients to prepare and process the requisition tax refund to tax office and state treasury since the beginning submission documentation until the process restitution completed.


Tax review is likely general check-up for the health. Giving an advice based on tax review by monthly or annually that would affect the bottom line of operation business. The review based on fully compliance the prevalent tax regulation and subsequently giving the recommendation how to maximizing tax saving / minimising potential tax loss. The more clients aware potential tax risk the more you would have the potential tax saving.


Assist client to gain licence and certificate from director general comprising among others NPWP (New, moving, and branch), PKP and other licence issued by government bodies.

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Managing Partner:
Marulak Situmorang, SE, Ak, CA, MSi, CPA, BKP, CPMA, CPSAK, ACPA